Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara:

"There is no better person to replace me in the State Senate than Lena Gonzalez.  A dynamic woman in business.  A mom with three sons. And a City Council leader."

"Lena took on the big corporations to protect the environment by banning styrofoam containers and protecting women working in hotels from sexual harassment and assault. Lena protected blue-collar jobs and stood up for the LGBTQ and immigrant communities. And Lena led the way to bring every child access to technology."

"Lena represents the future."

"As more people in every community meet her, they will appreciate why I am strongly supporting Lena Gonzalez for State Senate."


Congressman Alan Lowenthal:

"Lena is a courageous public servant who stands up and fights for her communities. All of our families, regardless of income, zip code or family situation, deserve an opportunity to reach their full potential. Lena will stand up and fight for all California families as she has done in Long Beach. Now more than ever, we need someone like Lena in the State Senate and that is why she has my strongest endorsement."


Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn:

"I'm endorsing Lena Gonzalez because she is the most qualified candidate for State Senate.  Lena is already a very successful legislator writing groundbreaking legislation that has moved Long Beach forward. Lena comes from local government and understands the impacts state laws have on our local municipalities, which is needed now more than ever. I look forward to doing everything I can to ensure Lena is elected."


Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia:

"I've worked with Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez for 10 years, and during that time she's been my partner in expanding our fire and police departments, supporting small businesses, and fighting for the rights of all workers.  She's smart, independent, and will be a strong voice for Long Beach."

"As Mayor and a Metro Board member representing much of South East Los Angeles, I'm looking forward to doing everything I can to support Lena."


Long Beach City Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce:

"It is my distinct honor to endorse my colleague Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez in her bid to become the next Senator to represent the 33rd district."

"I've had the pleasure of working along side the Councilwoman in the community for many years, and I can truly say, that she is fierce, dedicated, unapologetic and exactly what we need in Sacramento. Leadership is not always easy and comfortable and I have first-hand experience as to how time and time again she has caste votes based on integrity and what was best for the residents of Long Beach. Her leadership has transformed our downtown, the quality of life, and bridged divides."

"I am confident that she will serve the district with that same fire as she has served our Long Beach residents."


Long Beach Councilmember Rex Richardson:

"Lena represents a new future for Long Beach and every city in the 33rd Senate District. Her dynamic vision and passion for public service will make her an effective leader in Sacramento and strong voice for working families."

"As incoming Campaign Chair, I call on all our local leaders in Long Beach and across the region to unite behind this campaign for economic opportunity, good jobs, and equality."


Long Beach Councilmember Roberto Uranga:

"After carefully reviewing my potential candidacy and the effects this would have on my District, my supporters and my family, I have decided not to seek the office of Senator for Senate District 33 (Lara). I wish to thank all who have supported and encouraged me to seek this office and ask that they join me in supporting Long Beach Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez as she moves forward with her campaign."

"Long Beach comprises a major part of Senate District 33 and Councilwoman"

Gonzalez and I share many of the same values. Her election will ensure Long Beach has a voice in Sacramento and will add a woman to the California State Senate."


Paramount Mayor Diane J. Martinez:

"Lena Gonzalez is a young and amazing leader.  She has done an amazing job on the city council fighting for workers' rights and the environment among other things.  She is the kind of person we need right now in the California State Senate.  I wholeheartedly endorse her campaign and look forward to continuing working with her as our state senator."


Long Beach Community College District Board President Sunny Zia:

"As President of the LBCCD board, I am proud to support Lena Gonzalez for State Senate. Lena is a strong woman who will stand up for California's students, especially those experiencing homelessness. This is an area I have championed on the board and an issue that I will be proud to work with her on."


Long Beach Community College District Board Vice President Vivian Malauulu:

"As a product of community colleges, Lena understands first hand the positive impact community colleges have on California's economy. Lena has assured me that our very successful Long Beach College Promise will serve as a statewide model to ensure that Californians have real access to higher education."


Long Beach Community College District Trustee Uduak-Joe Ntuk:

"I'm proud to endorse Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez for the 33rd Senate District. She is a proud product of the California community college system who shares my commitment to affordable higher education, expanding access to high paying science, technology, engineer, and math (STEM) careers, and working to bridge the digital divide to ensure everyone can participate in the 21st century economy."





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