Lena On The Issues

Economic Opportunity

Lena understands that California does best when we support our working families. She led the fight for more good paying jobs in Long Beach and will work to build a strong economy that provides living wage jobs and retirement security. Lena supports efforts to strengthen the Port of Long Beach, a major economic driver for our region. She implemented Long Beach Business First to help local small businesses grow and prosper. In Sacramento, Lena will ensure our region receives its fair share of resources to provide housing that is affordable for young people, seniors and middle-class families.


Environmental Protection

Lena believes California’s coastline, natural resources and parklands need to be protected. As a member of the Environmental Advisory Team on the LA River Master Plan Committee, Lena has fought to clean up the 51-mile stretch of the LA River, preserving wildlife while also improving recreational opportunities and parks. She spearheaded Long’s Beach’s ban on Styrofoam containers that pollute our ocean and waterways and expanded parks and green spaces. Lena will be a strong advocate for protecting our coast, cleaning up water supplies and improving access to our natural resources so that everyone can enjoy the multitude of experiences California has to offer.

Quality Education

At Microsoft, Lena leads civic engagement investments for the LA region, delivering millions in grant funding to expand inclusion and diversity in the tech sector. She has helped fund job training programs targeting underserved communities while creating pathways for youth, especially girls and children of color, to have access to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in our schools. Lena will advocate for more school funding so that all children receive a quality education. As young mother who worked her way through college, Lena understands that making higher education accessible and affordable is essential so that every student has the opportunity to graduate and obtain a good paying job.


Safe Neighborhoods

In order to build strong communities, we need to ensure that our neighbors and schools are safe. On the Long Beach City Council, Lena supported efforts to add two new academies to the police and fire departments and added an entire new police division in Downtown Long Beach. Lena supports new laws to get dangerous weapons and high-powered ammunition off our streets and will fight to deliver the resources public safety needs for emergency response, combatting crime and keeping youth out of trouble.


Affordable Healthcare

Lena wants every Californian to have access to affordable healthcare. She will fight to protect the Affordable Care Act while working toward universal healthcare. Lena supports transparency in prescription drug pricing and will advocate to lower the cost of life-saving drug treatments. As the Trump administration seeks to defund Planned Parenthood and reproductive healthcare, Lena will stand up to protect these essential services for birth control, cancer screenings and health education.

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