With a background in public service, business development and technology, Lena is committed to building a more inclusive economy for working families, protecting our environment, and creating a strong future by expanding youth STEM programs.


Lena is bold: 

On the Long Beach City Council, Lena has been a forceful advocate in protecting our harbor and coast by leading efforts to eliminate Styrofoam containers in the city. She led the fight to add more green space and parks in the city’s most under-resourced communities through her Park Equity program. Lena also created the city’s “Long Beach Business First”’ program to help local businesses grow & prosper, as well as the city’s first “Digital Inclusion Roadmap” for residents and businesses in Long Beach. 

Lena is innovative: 

In her current work with Microsoft, she leads civic engagement investments for the Los Angeles region. Her focus has been, expanding diversity and inclusion in the tech sector by providing grants to non-profit organizations and digital skills programs for underserved communities, to include: unemployed adults seeking job training and creating career pathways for youth, especially supporting young girls of color in STEM. 

Lena is real: 

Lena grew up in a humble home where her father was a Teamster truck driver for 30 years and her mother, who immigrated to the United States at a young age, worked her way up in both the aerospace and technology industries.

She became a young mother, at the age of 19. While raising her oldest son, Lena defied the odds, by working her way through community college and Cal State Long Beach, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She then persevered and completed her Executive MBA from Loyola Marymount University. Today, Lena and her fiancé Adam live in Downtown Long Beach where they raise their three amazing sons.


Lena is a leader: 

For Lena Gonzalez, creating economic opportunity for all families and children in the district, will always be her priority. We can count on Lena to be a strong leader in creating jobs, promoting quality education, protecting our environment and attracting innovation to the Senate District.

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