Let’s make a real difference. Join Lena in the fight for a better California.

Fighting for the Matters That Matter

Lena Gonzalez was sworn in on June 12, 2019 to represent nearly one million residents in CA Senate District 33. During her tenure, Lena has focused primarily on the following issues:

Safe and Quality Healthcare for All

  • Healthcare access and equality for all Californians, regardless of zip code or employment status

  • SB1255 (recently signed by Governor Newsom), which fought against the insurance industry’s discriminatory practice of denying Californians living with HIV of Life and Disability Income Insurance

  • COVID-19, including chairing California's Special Committee on Pandemic Emergency Response

Environmental Justice

  • Supports a CA plan that drastically reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and instead invests dollars, time, and resources toward a new Green Economy for Long Beach and Southeast LA

  • Championed the #FoamFreeLB policy that banned Styrofoam in our city

  • Supported legislation to ban single use plastics and reform our Department of Toxic Substances

  • Took the No Fossil Fuel pledge 

Social Justice

  • Will always fight for what is right, including demonstrated support for the BLM, undocumented, and LGBTQ communities 

  • Given a score of 100 on the People's Report Card of California and placed on the CourageCampaign’s All-Star List 

  • Supported a number of police reform measures led by the CA Legislative Black Caucus

  • Fierce supporter of justice and equity in our schools and the inclusion of Ethnic Studies

Education Equity

  • As a mom to three boys, Lena fully understands the importance of a strong educational system from early education to K-12 and higher education

  • Fought for additional resources in subsidized childcare slots during COVID-19, keeping our workforce employed and equipped with the PPE they need

  • Engaged our local school districts, community colleges, local universities, and SD33 families to ensure our students, parents, and teachers are receiving the state’s full support—both in budget and policy

Affordable Housing for All

  • Believes housing is one of the largest crises of our era

  • Championed legislation that protects renters and homeowners during the Pandemic by ensuring residents are not evicted and homeowners are provided forbearance

  • Supports tenant protections, controls on drastic rent increases, and affordable projects for low income families

  • Backed by CA YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard), who firmly believe in bold and creative solutions that keep every Californian in mind


Just Lena

Lena’s mom immigrated from Mexico and her father was a hard-working truck driver. Together, her parents were both dedicated to making sure she understood the importance of family and community involvement. Grateful for her parent’s sacrifice, Lena dedicated her life to making them proud. After becoming a mom at the age of 19, Lena worked her way through community college before obtaining a degree in Political Science from Cal State Long Beach in 2009, and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University in 2017. Both as a staffer and a City Councilwoman, she proudly served the City of Long Beach from 2009 to 2019. Lena also worked for Microsoft as a Social Responsibility Manager in LA, providing digital equity grants to underserved communities and building STEM programs for young girls of color in the region. Find out more about Lena on her CA Senator Page >>

“Lena is an inspirational leader, who stands up for working families and healthy, vibrant communities. She is the voice we need in Sacramento, and I’m proud to endorse her for re-election”

Rex Richardson

City of Long Beach Councilmember